Dalieta Mears, Licensed Counselor Southern Delaware

Dalieta Mears, Licensed Counselor Lewes and Surrounding Areas in Delaware

My approach to understanding and improving mental health and wellness is centered around the main tenets of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Person-Centered Therapy, and the belief that our thoughts largely influence our experiences and reactions to life. It is my hope that my clients are more equipped to cope with any current and future problems that are faced. I personalize my therapy approach as to connect with my client and provide a safe, empathetic environment to help facilitate understanding and

As a National Certified Counselor, I enjoy working with children, adolescents, adults and those dealing with substance use disorders. I have worked in the community extensively with those who are underserved and most vulnerable in our community. I have worked in the Human Services field over 25 years in areas of child protection, family preservation, foster care, adoption, inpatient, outpatient mental health, mobile crisis, domestic violence and drug and alcohol counseling. I am a huge advocate for children’s mental health and serve on the board of Directors for Champions for child mental health.

I am a Delaware native who enjoys being centered between major cities that allow me to travel and sight see within 2-4 hours. I enjoy family game nights and watching outdoor sports activities. I love to play music trivia games and am known as the human jukebox by my family and friends.

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Our Mental Health Team of Licensed Therapists is here to support you through all moments in life. Our therapists can help you with a variety of concerns that you may have for yourself or your loved ones. We understand the difficulties in finding reliable and consistent mental health treatment and pride ourselves on offering state-of-the-art care with flexible scheduling and committed therapists. Our comprehensive treatment is tailored to your needs and built to provide comfort, guidance, knowledge, and support in the therapeutic journey.

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Here at Atracare, your care is our top priority. We believe in providing a safe and inclusive environment free of judgment. We recognize the importance of teamwork, good communication, and collaboration, which are essential in mental health treatment. Our therapists are 100% committed to helping you at any stage of your therapy journey, whether you are brand new to mental health treatment, want to learn more, or are a seasoned pro and know what you need. Our therapists undergo regular training and continuing education to stay updated on treatment options and services.

We pride ourselves on offering health care in the modern world. Atracare recognizes the importance of technology-driven care, and most of our mental health services can be offered through video and phone sessions. Our therapists can provide flexible scheduling outside regular office hours, including evening and weekend appointments. Give us a call to connect and see how we can adapt to fit your needs.

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