Postpartum Wellness Program
The first program of its kind in Delaware


Our mission:  To improve the health and happiness of new mothers

At Atracare Health, we understand that the joys of pregnancy may not prepare you for the challenges of early motherhood.  You may have had an idea of what having a baby at home would feel like and were caught off-guard by a different reality.  On even the best day, motherhood can be a trying experience and you may not feel the “glow” everyone said you would feel.  Don’t worry; you are not alone.   

Our bodies go through immense changes during pregnancy and the postpartum period.  Many women don’t bounce back the way they’d like, and it can be frustrating to not feel like yourself.  We understand that fitting physical activity into your new routines can be difficult, as can knowing what is “allowed.”  We can help guide you safely through the first year with your baby, following national fitness guidelines and coming up with a plan that works for you. 

What we can do: 

Discuss the challenges of motherhood and determine strategies to ease them 

Screen and care for postpartum mood changes, stress, and depression

Set and work toward fitness/nutrition goals 

Get you connected with lactation consultants, in-home support care, or women’s health physical therapists depending on your needs 

Fill in the gap between your Ob and your PCP 

[Oct 7, 2022] Update:  Postpartum patients wanting to get seen should schedule a visit with our Mental Health Department (link below) and they will reach out to schedule an appointment.

Facts about Perinatal Wellness

Did you know?

10-20% of new moms experience symptoms of postpartum depression in the first year.

Only HALF are identified.  HALF began having symptoms during pregnancy.

Did you know? 

Symptoms of postpartum depression are different for everyone and can include agitation, anger, sadness, helplessness, overwhelming fatigue, insomnia, loss of joy in life, feelings of guilt or inadequacy, loss of appetite, withdrawal from family and friends, poor bonding with baby, thoughts of harming self or baby.

Did you know?

For most pregnant and postpartum women, physical activity is safe and healthy.

The recommendations for exercise in pregnancy and postpartum are the same as for other adults: 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week.

Did you know?

During pregnancy, regular physical activity can… reduce back pain, help prevent gestational diabetes, improve sleep, decrease risk of Cesarean section, improve mood.

After pregnancy, regular physical activity can… tone muscles, relieve stress, manage weight, boost energy, promote better sleep, help prevent postpartum depression.

Postpartum Wellness Lewes Delaware


A Letter to our Patients From

Dr. Alexandra Cox, DHSc, PA-C

Program Director of Postpartum Wellness

I’m dedicated to perinatal wellness and my Doctorate in Health Science has given me the training and experience needed to take care to the next level.

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