Self-Pay Costs

Pricing Updates:  Effective January 3, 2022 (reflected below)

The following price list is for out of pocket costs.  These prices reflect charges without applying any insurance coverage.

Whether you don’t have insurance, or you owe a deductible, we want you to know exactly how much you’ll pay before you arrive. A sick visit is only $100, and our X-Ray’s start at only $40 which is only half the price of most of our competitors.

Don’t know how much your visit will cost? All of our pricing is listed below. Still have questions? Text us at 302-517-1385 to learn more, and schedule your appointment.

Office Visit Walk-in Care  $130.00
Routine Physical  $150.00
Routine Physical w/ Blood, Urine, & EKG $225.00
PSA (If male >50 years of age)  
TSH w/ Free T4 rfx  
Urine Dip  
Chest-Xray Additional $45
Tetanus Additional $45
Travel Immunizations $75.00
School, Sports, Camp Physical $45.00
STD Screen Package Extensive (male or w/o pelvic exam) $350.00
Chlam/Gon Urine  
Hep B Antigen  
Hep C  
HSV 1&2  
Women’s Routine Physical With PAP & STD $375.00
Chlam/Gon Urine  
Hep B Antigen  
Hep C  
HSV 1&2  
Women’s Routine Physical With Only PAP $175.00
Form Fee (If not at time of visit) $20.00
DOT (coming soon) $75.00
Missed Appointment Fee $40.00
Medical Record Fee $10.00
Pediatric Wellness Exam Age 1-11 (all fees included, no additional charges) $250.00
Pediatric Wellness Exam Age 12-18 (all fees included, no additional charges) $225.00
Rapid COVID Antigent Test with no Office Visit (“Travel Test”) $80.00
Rapid PCR (NAAT) COVID Test with no Office Visit (“Travel Test”) $160.00
Rapid COVID Antigent Test (cost of the test; add to Office Visit) $40.00
Rapid PCR (NAAT) COVID Test (cost of the test; add to Office Visit) $65.00
Rapid PCR (NAAT) COVID, Flu A/B, RSV Test (cost of the test; add to Office Visit) $100.00
House Call (Admin Fee) $75.00
Avulsion Nail Simple $100.00
Burn Care (silvadene cream and dressing) $50.00
Ear Irrigation ($50 first/second ear $30) $50 + $30
EKG Complete $50.00
Excision Ingrown Town Nail $175.00
I&D Abcess $150.00
Laceration Repair Simple $125.00
Laceration Repair Complex $175.00
IV ( Per Liter) $40.00
Wart (Cryo) $50.00
Foreign Object removal $50.00
Nebulizer/Oxygen Treatment $60.00
Subungual Hematoma (drainage) $100.00
Suture/Staple Removal $50.00
Eye Exam/ Foreign Object removal $60.00
X RAYS Price
X-rays $45.00
Head/Neck/Spine $60.00
Chest X-ray $75.00
Glucometer Stick $10.00
Hemoccult (Coloscreen) $25.00
Influenza A & B (Rapid) $40.00
Lyme $60.00
RSV $30.00
Mono Test $30.00
Pregnancy Test- Urine $30.00
Strep (Rapid) $30.00
Strep (Rapid PCR) $50.00
Urine Analysis $20.00
CBC $30.00
Gen Chem 13 $40.00
Metlyte 8 $40.00
Lipid Panel Plus $40.00
BMP $40.00
Ace Wrap $20.00
Ankle Brace $40.00
Clavical Strap $40.00
Dressings- (Guaze, Cohesive Bandage, etc.) $20.00
Finger Splint $20.00
Ortho Shoe $30.00
Arm Sling $30.00
Wrist Brace $40.00
Crutches $35.00
Scotch Cast $65.00
Steri Strips $20.00
Derma Bond $75.00
Japanese Encephalitis (coming soon) $350.00
Yellow Fever (coming soon) $225.00
Thyphoid Fever Injectable (coming soon) $150.00
Polymelitis $75.00
Mengicocal A,C,Y,W135 $175.00
Meningicocal B ( Total 2) $220 per shot
Tetanus (TD) $60.00
Tetanus (TDAP) $100.00
Mumps, Measles, Rubella $120.00
Rabies ( Total 3) $375 per shot
Pneumoccocal $150.00
Polio $50.00
Hep A (Total 2) $100 per shot
Hep B (Total 3) $100 per shot
Tdap $80.00
Varicella $200.00
Influenza $35.00
Shingles (coming soon) $225.00
Gardasil ( total 3) $300 per shot
Administration fee for Bebtelovimab $350.00
Injection Administration (NPV) $50.00
Benadryl (DiphenhydrAMINE) $35.00
Epinephrine/Susphrine $50.00
Phenergan (Promethazine) $35.00
Rocephin (Ceftriaxone) $35.00
Solumedrol $35.00
Toradol (Ketorolac Promethamine) $35.00
Decadron (Dexamethasone) $35.00
PPD (TB Test) $45.00
Cyanocobalamin $30.00
Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate $35.00
Methylprednisolone $35.00
Initial Evaluation (includes initial therapy service)* $250.00
60 min Continuing Therapy* $150.00
60 min Couple/Family Therapy* $200.00

*Depending on the time and services rendered, these costs and associated prices are subject to change.

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