Atracare Offers Pfizer Boosters & Novavax Vaccine


Pfizer COVID Bivalent Boosters are the best way you can protect yourself from hospitalization and death from COVID.

COVID vaccines are available for all patients age 6 months and older.  Pediatric patients must be established with our Pediatric Department.  Text 667-220-6534 to reach Pediatrics. 

Adult COVID Bivalent Boosters are available to EVERYONE 12 years and older.

COVID Clinics all occur at our Lewes Office (18068 Coastal Hwy).  Sign up for a clinic below:

Friday, Jan 27th – 12PM to 4PM
Monday, Jan 30th – 10AM to 6PM
Tuesday, Jan 31st – 9AM to 3PM
Monday, Feb 6th – 12PM to 4PM
Wednesday, Feb 8th – 9AM to 3PM
Thursday, Feb 9th – 9AM to 3PM
Friday, Feb 10th – 9AM to 3PM
Monday, Feb 13th – 9AM to 3PM
Tuesday, Feb 14th – 9AM to 3PM
Wednesday, Feb 15th – 9AM to 3PM
Monday, Feb 20th – 9AM to 4PM
Wednesday, Feb 22nd – 9AM to 3PM
Friday, Feb 24th – 9AM to 3PM
Monday, Feb 27th – 9AM to 3PM
Tuesday, Feb 28th – 9AM to 3PM


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Bivalent (omicron) COVID boosters have arrived.  Clinics are running all week long.  Sign up now!

Criteria.  Must be at least two (2) months since completion of the primary vaccination series or have received the most recent booster dose with any monovalent COVID vaccine.  

Eligible Ages.  Bivalent COVID boosters are for people age 12 years and older.  We are not vaccinating patients younger than 12 at these clinics.

When will the boosters be normal?  Moving forward, we expect COVID vaccines to become an annual event, much like the annual flu vaccination.  More frequent doses would be offered for higher-risk people.  We expect more guidance on this in the near future.

Text us at 302-517-1385 if you have questions at any time.


Initial Vaccine Schedule:  The routine adult schedule is one dose, followed by a second identical dose in 21 days.  The second dose does not have to be exactly at 21 days.  It can be given any time between 17 – 56 days after the first.

Pfizer Adult Vaccine Dose (monovalent) and Concentration (Age 12+):  Adult doses of the vaccine (1st, 2nd or 3rd, etc.) are identical in composition and volume.  They are the same medication and the dose is 0.3mL.  The concentration is 100 mcg/mL.

Pfizer Adult Vaccine Booster (bivalent) and Concentration (Age 12+):  The booster dose is 0.3mL and contains 15 mcg of the original vaccine and 15 mcg/mL of the omicron specific mRNA that neutralizes the BA.4 and BA.5 strains.  The concentration is 100 mcg/mL.

Pediatric Vaccine Dose and Concentration (Age 5-11):  Pediatric doses of the vaccine are 0.2mL.  The concentration is 50 mcg/mL.

Infant Vaccine Dose and Concentration (Age 6 months-4 years):  Pediatric doses of the vaccine are 0.2mL.  The concentration is 15 mcg/mL.

We do not charge for the vaccine.  However, if you have active insurance you must present it at the time of your vaccination.