Medical Biography

Bachelor of Science (BS)
Washington College
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
Wilmington University
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)
Walden University

Raised in North Carolina but spending the summers in Dewey Beach, it did not take long for Kate to realize the small town community that we have surrounding the beaches of Delaware reminded her of her small hometown of Elizabeth City, NC.

Kate’s education initially started at Washington College with a pre-medicine track. It wasn’t until after graduating with her Bachelors degree when she volunteered for three months at a medical clinic in Cusco, Peru that she found her passion was in the world of nursing. From then she received her initial nursing degree from Delaware Tech and then went on to receive her bachelors in nursing from Wilmington University.

Prior to starting with Atracare this past summer of 2022, Kate worked through the COVID pandemic working in the ICU at Beebe. While working full time during the pandemic, Kate was able to continue her education and complete her Masters of Science degree in Nursing with honors and pass her Family Nurse Practitioner boards in Dec of 2021.

After working for years in a hospital setting during that time, Kate realized the need for outpatient services, specifically more providers in primary and walk-in settings. Kate’s goal is to be able to provide quality services to the community in hopes of keeping individuals out of the emergency room if not necessary.

When not working you can find Kate traveling with her husband, Dino or on the drive on beach with her golden retriever Maverick.