Governor Carney and Representative Stephen Smyk Visit Atracare Health – July, 26th 2022

We are proud to have hosted Governor John Carney, and Representative Stephen Smyk to discuss healthcare and our work to further access to care in Sussex County.

We introduced Dr. Maria Childers who’s been voted Best Pediatrician in Delaware, and invited some of our providers children to join in a photo opportunity with the Governor.


Atracare Health Awarded with The TIFF Grant

We are honored and proud to accept the Delaware Department of Transportation TIFF grant which has been awarded July, 2022.  The TIFF Grant (Transportation Infrastructure investment Fund) funds will be used for roads, walkways, and infrastructure at the new facilities in Ocean View and on Plantations Road.

The Transportation Infrastructure Investment Fund is established to provide economic assistance for renovation, construction, or any other type of improvements to roads and related transportation infrastructure in order to attract new businesses to this state, or expand existing businesses in this State, when such an economic development opportunity would create a significant number of direct, permanent, quality full-time jobs.

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Atracare Announces 2 New Facilities with a focus on Urgent Care, Mental Health, and Expanding Primary Care Options

Urgent care centers have met the need by offering accessible, cheap care whenever patients need it. We were founded during the COVID pandemic and quickly realized that it was important to take care of the patient’s needs as a result of the high demand for COVID testing and immunizations. In order to treat as many patients as possible, efficiency improvement was our main objective. In order to reach patients outside of our walls, we have used technology like texting, online check-ins, and telehealth. We have been in operation for about two years, and given the influx of patients, we now see the necessity of growth.

Therefore, we presented our plans for two new locations to Governor Carney and Representative Stephen Smyk. The 4000 square foot facility in Ocean View is set to open in August, 2022 and will offer Urgent Care, Mental Health & Therapy, and an infusion hydration clinic. However, we’ve been investigating options for dermatology and other integrative medicine. At 40,000 square-feet, the health campus on Plantations road will be much more expansive and offer many of the core services offered at the main/current location on Route 1. The health campus is set to break ground later this year.

The funding will assist in paying for the entryway and the sidewalks. The building will have a barn-like appearance once completed, according to Albanese, a tribute to the farming community that surround the location, and permeable paving and walking trails will complement the facility.

At the conclusion of the trip, Carney commended Atracare for its efforts and stated that the state is still working to recruit healthcare practitioners.

“Obviously, you’re bringing this great energy into that changing environment where we’re trying to push things into primary care,” Carney said.

Rep. Steve Smyk, a Republican from Milton, joined the trip as well. He remarked that Atracare created a name for itself when it debuted during the COVID outbreak and provided community testing.

“It was a very difficult time two years ago and that’s when they got off the ground. They answered a whole lot of needs for testing that was off the charts,” Smyk said.

Our team is passionate about illness prevention and keeping individuals out of emergency settings. Our ambition is to make accessing healthcare as easy as hailing an Uber, and believe that our new facilities, made possible by the generous grant from Carney, will help make our ambition a reality.

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