Atracare Expanding to Ocean View – Grand Opening November 7th, 2022

Atracare is expanding and opening a brand-new clinic in Ocean View, Delaware. This new walk-in facility will provide access to healthcare to more residents in Southern Delaware. Owned and operated by Delaware locals Dr. William and Dr. Lindsay Albanese, Atracare’s primary goal is to bring high-quality medical care to people in Sussex County.

Ocean View Medical Facility Delaware Beaches

“Growing up down here, I thought it was normal to wait several weeks to see a physician or to get care.” After studying at the University of Maryland in Baltimore, Dr. Albanese saw how quick and accessible medical care is in these urban, academic facilities. He was inspired to bring that same level of care to rural Lower Delaware, and that’s the mission behind Atracare. “We want you to be seen as if you were at any of the academic institutions that all our very polished practitioners have been to.”

Sussex County has a rapidly growing population. As people move to Delaware from other states, the demand for urgent care is quickly increasing. Opening this walk-in facility in Ocean View will help meet that demand.

Atracare primarily serves as an urgent walk-in care facility. Patients can come to Atracare to be tested and treated for illnesses like flu, Covid, strep throat, and even Lyme disease. X-ray, lab and diagnostic testing, vaccines, and physicals can also be performed at Atracare by our team of highly experienced, compassionate practitioners.

Director of Walk-In Care, Dr. Lindsay Albanese is passionate about providing care to her community. As a resident of Sussex County, she wants to serve patients and meet their needs, whether they live here full time or are just visiting on vacation. “We want to make sure our community is well taken care of.”

Our new facility in Ocean View will open on November 7th, 2022. This brand-new building features beautiful, coastal style architecture and modern technology that will allow our award-winning, locally renowned healthcare practitioners provide an efficient and streamlined patient experience.

We look forward to treating our patients and serving our Southern Delaware community.

Schedule an appointment at OV by clicking  “Schedule an Appointment” or you can text us in OV at (302) 754-5697.

We will be open 7 days a week from 8AM to 8PM every day.  Telehealth appointments are also available if you can’t make it to the clinic.

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