Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in Delaware. Fortunately, most cancers are preventable with proper screening. At Atracare Health, we make it easy for Delaware residents to get screened for colon, skin, and breast cancer. 

Who Should Get Screened for Cancer? 

Even when patients are healthy and have no symptoms, doctors and health experts recommend that they get screened for different types of cancers annually starting at certain ages. Cancer can be asymptomatic, so getting the recommended screenings can help you stay ahead of the game. The American Cancer Society has laid out guidelines for cancer screening recommendations by age. 

Breast Cancer: Annually starting at age 45

Colon Cancer: Starting at age 45 

Skin Cancer: Annually beginning in 20s or 30s

Those with a family history of cancer or other risk factors may need to be screened sooner or more frequently. Follow-up testing is necessary if anything abnormal is found during your screening. Your doctor will be able to talk with you to develop a cancer screening schedule that’s right for you. 

Get Screened for Cancer Today 

Keeping our community healthy is our primary goal at Atracare Health. We know how important it is for people to have access to accurate cancer screenings. When you come to our facility to get screened for cancer, we will provide you with all the answers to your biggest questions in less than one hour. With our texting feature, you can schedule a cancer screening appointment from your smartphone. Come see one of our primary walk-in providers so you can get the screenings you need to stay healthy and have peace of mind. 

Don’t know how much your visit will cost? All of our pricing is listed on our Self-Pay Costs page. Still have questions? Text us at 302-517-1385 to learn more, and schedule your appointment.

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