New Mother Checklist For Finding a Pediatrician: 10 Things to Ask Your Doctor 

How to Find a Pediatrician for Your Baby 

Research, online reviews, and recommendations from family and friends can all be useful when you are deciding on a pediatrician for your baby. Some new parents decide to use their childhood pediatrician if they are still in practice. Doing a search for pediatricians in your area is a good place to start, and you may be able to get referrals from your OBGYN. Once you have a list of pediatricians, you can schedule meetings with them. Your insurance provider may also be of help if you need a list of pediatricians that accept your insurance. 

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When Should You Choose a Pediatrician for Your Baby? 

You should start looking for a pediatrician while you are still pregnant so you have ample time to meet with all your prospects. Once you are six months along, it’s time to start researching pediatricians in your area so Baby will have a doctor available as soon as they are born. Babies need to see the pediatrician frequently during their first two years to make sure they are growing and developing quickly, so it’s very important that you have a pediatrician picked out well before their arrival. 

Ten Things to Ask Your Baby’s Pediatrician 

When you are searching for a pediatrician, there are ten important questions you should always ask during interviews. These questions will help you determine if the prospective pediatrician is a good fit for you and your child. 

  1. What is your philosophy? 
  2. How long have you been practicing? 
  3. Are you in a group practice? 
  4. What is your vaccine policy?
  5. Do you offer same-day appointments?
  6. Do you take call-in and email questions? 
  7. Which lab tests can be performed in your office? 
  8. Will you talk with me about my child’s emotional development? 
  9. What are your policies surrounding billing and insurance? 
  10. Do you keep weekend and evening hours? 

Why Choose Atracare for Pediatrics? 

Dr. Maria Childers is the Director of Pediatric Care at Atracare Health. She brings several decades of pediatric care experience to the table, and she has a passion for helping children grow up healthy and happy. Dr. Childers completed her residency at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital and is Board Certified in Pediatrics. Our pediatric care clinic is designed to be child-friendly and clean. When you bring your child to Atracare, you can be certain they are getting the best medical care in Lewes. If your child is sick, or if they need their vaccines or a wellness check, you can trust Atracare to provide top-quality pediatric care. We take great care to ensure we are a good fit for your family, so contact us today to see if Atracare Pediatric Care is right for your child. 

Learn more about Atracare Health Pediatrics: 

3 New comments

Alice Carroll | Reply

I agree that it’s important to know more about the philosophy of a pediatrician before working with one. I’d like to look for one soon because my son would be having his second birthday soon. I think it would be important to get more regular checkups for him from now on.

    William Albanese | Reply

    We’re happy to see you. We have 2 great pediatricians (one is a Top Doctor) who would be happy to see you. Feel free to call us at 302-567-1500 and hit extension 1 for Pediatrics during normal hours: 8AM to 4PM, and someone can assist you.

Daisy James | Reply

It was helpful when you said to ask friends and family for recommendations. My sister was at my house a couple of nights ago for dinner, and she talked about how she needs to find a pediatrician for her baby before she gives birth. I’ll pass these tips along to her so she can know how to find the right pediatrician for her baby.

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