Atracare Offers Pediatric Care for Children Who are Differently Abled

Your child needs a trustworthy, reliable pediatrician that has the necessary experience to properly treat their unique condition. At Atracare, we treat differently-abled children with physical, developmental, emotional, and sensory conditions. Our skilled pediatricians are trained in diagnosing and treating children that may have developmental needs. According to the CDC,

“Developmental disabilities are a group of conditions due to an impairment in physical, learning, language, or behavior areas. About one in six children in the U.S. have one or more developmental disabilities or other developmental delays.”


We strive to diagnose these conditions early in your child’s life so they can better navigate the challenges that may accompany their condition.

Pediatric Care for the Differently Abled in Delaware

There are four types of differently-abled children and a wide range of conditions that can cause a child to face challenges that their normally abled peers would not. These are the types and a list of some of the conditions we treat at Atracare Health.

  • Physical: asthma, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy
  • Developmental: sensory processing disorders, autism, down syndrome
  • Behavioral/Emotional: ADHD, ADD, bipolar disorder
  • Sensory Impaired: blind, deaf, or partially impaired vision/hearing

How to Tell if Your Child Needs Special Care

Certain risk factors such as genetics, smoking and drinking during pregnancy, birth complications, low birth weight, chromosomal issues, and infections during pregnancy can predispose a child to developmental conditions. You should monitor your child and seek the help of a pediatrician if you notice any of these signs of the following conditions.

Other conditions may present with similar symptoms, and your child’s development should be monitored by a pediatrician as they grow even if they are asymptomatic or seem “fine.” Early diagnosis can make it easier for you and your child to understand and adjust to the challenges of their condition.

Developmental Screening and Milestones

Children should reach certain developmental milestones by a certain age. Every child is different, and most milestones won’t happen on the exact day they turn a certain age. However, milestones like smiling, crawling, waving, and walking indicate that your child is developing normally. If your child isn’t reaching these milestones at the typical ages, this could be indicative of a developmental condition. Here is a breakdown of the milestones your child should reach and at approximately what age they should reach them according to the CDC.

Schedule a Developmental Evaluation Screening Today

If you notice any of the signs of developmental conditions in your child, or if they are in need of an age-appropriate developmental screening, you can rely on the pediatricians at Atracare to accurately diagnose and effectively treat your child. Dr. Lewis and Dr. Childers are the area’s top pediatricians, so you can be certain your family is in good hands. Text 302-517-1385 to schedule a developmental evaluation for your child today.


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