Antibiotics Available in the Lobby at Atracare: Skip the Line at the Pharmacy

Atracare will become the first medical practice in Delaware to offer InstyMeds; a state-of-the-art medication dispensing machine designed to expedite the delivery of medications to patients. InstyMed machines are designed to get sick patients their medications immediately so that they can go home and begin to feel better, quicker.

Most commonly needed antibiotics along with cough and cold medications are dispensed from the machine. The formulary of products was designed to deliver medications that are needed
right away, like Amoxicillin for ear infections, Tamiflu for influenza (flu), or antibiotic drops for pink eye.

Pharmacist and CEO, William Albanese explains the need for innovation behind this improvement:

The idea here is to alleviate the pain that patients experience from infection or illness as quickly as possible. Putting the medications in the patient’s hands as they leave the clinic also increases compliance with the medications. Studies show that only about 70% of prescriptions get filled when they are sent to the pharmacy. InstyMeds has a 97% compliance rate. That’s huge.


The delivery of medications at the clinic also means that patients can skip an added stop at the pharmacy. At this moment, pharmacies are experiencing staffing shortages, closures, and
medication shortages (google “Pharmageddon” for more). Therefore, access to medications is everything to patients.

InstyMed machines at Atracare are all cash pay and the costs are low with most of the medications priced at an even $20. There is no need to worry about insurance authorizations.
You get your medication at the visit and avoid the pharmacy wait.

A full list of medications available can be found on our website at: Medications for Purchase.

Atracare is providing medication dispensing services at both locations: Lewes and Ocean View. It is also available for Primary Care and Pediatric patients of Atracare.

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4 New comments

Gloria | Reply

why would I get them from the machine when I have “o” co pay.

    William Albanese | Reply

    We offer most common antibiotics in the lobby as a convenience for patients. With pharmacies closing early or running out of stock, or with kids being sick and not feeling well, this option allows you to grab things like Amoxicillin, Prednisone, or other medications for about $20. Of course you are always welcome to get the medications from your pharmacy. We give patients the option to send their medication wherever they would like!

    I hope that helps answer your question.

Danielle | Reply

Are these InstyMeds machines only available for patients after having been seen by a doctor at the Atracare clinic, or can anyone with a prescription from any doctor walk in and get their prescription filled there?

    William Albanese | Reply

    Right now we are only able to fill these medications for patients that have been seen by a provider at Atracare. Most of the medications are antibiotics, so patients that benefit the most are those that use our Clinics for Urgent Care visits or with their primary care doctor/pediatrician.

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Antibiotics Available in the Lobby at Atracare: Skip the Line at the Pharmacy

Atracare will become the first medical practice in Delaware to offer InstyMeds; a state-of-the-art medication dispensing technology. In many cases, InstyMeds will automate the need for multiple trips to get common medications by offering them on-site at their locations in Lewes and Ocean View. Learn what this means for you and your loved ones.

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