Atracare Health is honored to have received the Council Award from the DE Advisory Council on Career and Technical Education Awards

About the DE Advisory Council on Career and Technical Education


The mission of the Delaware Advisory Council on Career and Technical Education (DACCTE) is to strengthen and enhance the Career and Technical Education delivery system and to assist the State in providing quality programs and expanded opportunities for all citizens.

About the Award:


Each year the Delaware Advisory Council on Career and Technical Education (DACCTE) recognizes groups and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Career and Technical Education (CTE) by presenting awards in three categories which include: a business, agency, labor union or trade association; an individual from the private or public sector and 12th grade CTE student(s). The Awards Nomination materials are mailed in early February and nominations must be submitted in early March.

All candidates are nominated by leaders from business, industry and education and are honored for their significant and positive support and efforts on behalf of CTE. The Council Awards Selection Committee is composed of members from DACCTE and meets in early May to review the nominations and select the Award winners. The recipients are honored at the Council’s Awards Ceremony held in Dover in early June.

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From the DACCTE:

On behalf of the Delaware Advisory Council on Career and Technical Education, please accept our congratulations for being awarded the Council Award for 2022. We commend you for your involvement with Career and technical education in Delaware. Your efforts have resulted in improved educational programs that have benefited many student.

Atracare Health came into existence in order to serve the community and to champion public health initiatives. Our goal was always to answer the question of where you can go when there is no access anywhere else. We always wanted to be able to say, “Come in now and get seen.” To that end, service is a huge part of our care. 

Public health is the other component. Even before the COVID pandemic, we decided to require the CDC vaccination schedule and we wanted to offer low cost, accessible options for everyone in Sussex County. We were the first in the county to require COVID vaccinations for our employees to keep them and the patients they serve safe. And we always knew that educating the next generation of healthcare workers would be crucial in order to expand care in our state and provide access in our county. 

Then COVID began and institutions started closing their doors to students. Local hospital systems who normally took in high school and community college students by the dozens went dark. We decided to take in these students so they would be able to complete their education and enter the workforce that badly needed their help. 

Atracare took students from all institutions and in almost every position: 

  • DelTech: 9 administrative Medical Assistant (MA) rotations (40 hours each)
  • DelTech: 5 clinical MA rotations (120 hours each) 
  • Sussex Tech High School: 2 student interns (500 hours each) 
  • Cape Henlopen High School: 7 student interns (200 hours each) 
  • 12 Nurse Practitioner Students: various universities 
  • 2 Physician Assistant Students: various universities 
  • 1 Physician Student rotating in Emergency Medicine 

During their time at Atracare, these students have completed numerous different tests, procedures, and assessments. Several students brought specialized knowledge to Atracare during their time here. Examples would include being bilingual, lactation consultant, burn certification, wound care certification, emergency medicine, and critical care knowledge. Out of the 12 Nurse Practitioner students Atracare has hosted, 6 have now graduated and successfully passed their national certification exams. They are now working in the community as Nurse Practitioners bringing much needed preventative and acute care to Sussex County.

Of the MA students that have rotated through Atracare, over 80% were offered jobs and more than half took employment at our facility. 

We’re also proud of our COVID vaccination efforts. Through the hard work of our students and staff we have been able to vaccinate over 18,000 people. Of those, 1,500 were pediatric doses (age 5-11) and we were also able to host 24 clinics at schools across the state including Cape Henlopen High, Seaford Middle, MOT Charter, Alfred G Water Middle, Sussex Tech and Sussex Academy. 

It is our honor to be nominated for this award. 

Humbled by your recognition, 

William Albanese III 


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