The Honest Truth About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be rewarding, difficult, or a combination of both. It can be easy to get frustrated or discouraged when your breastfeeding journey isn’t working out like you expected it to. However, many mothers face challenges when trying to breastfeed, and you are not alone. Breastfeeding is one of the most difficult parts of motherhood, and it’s perfectly fine and normal if your experience with it isn’t the same as your sister’s, friend’s, or social media influencer’s experience. If you are having trouble breastfeeding, Atracare Health is here to help. 

Postpartum Wellness at Atracare Health

At Atracare Health, we created the Postpartum Wellness Program to help new moms improve their mental and physical health after giving birth. We are able to provide guidance on lactation, postpartum depression, fitness, and more. If you are a new mother in the Lewes area, you can get the care you need at Atracare Health. 

Book Your Postpartum Wellness Appointment Today

At Atracare Health, it’s easy to access the care you need to stay healthy after giving birth.  You’ll be able to schedule an appointment to discuss all your questions and concerns about life postpartum. We are your premier partner in health, and we are happy to be providing postpartum wellness care to new moms in the Lewes area. 

The best way to schedule an appointment is by texting 302-517-1385. Book your appointment today so you can get screened for postpartum depression and get the help you need.

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