Atracare Health has partnered with Child Inspired to raise awareness and education for their family-centered therapeutic services & resources in and beyond Southern Delaware. Child Inspired’s focus is on empowering kids, parents, and families in the  Southern Delaware community, by providing individualized, family-centered therapeutic support tailored to each child and family’s needs- including Speech/Feeding, Occupational, and Behavioral Therapies.  

Child Inspired, collaborating with Atracare and other pediatric providers

  • Child Inspired is here as a local resource to serve, educate and partner with families, educators, and pediatric healthcare professionals to meet the  therapeutic care needs of children and families throughout Southern  Delaware.

Child Inspired has a team of trusted providers, not only to serve the therapy  needs of Atracare’s patients and their families, but also to support the work of  Atracare’s pediatric team with quality communication, collaboration and  resources. 

We are invested in expanding the ability to reach the broader community for the enhancement of family-centered, pediatric health and wellness. 


Helping families in their therapeutic journey: Taking positive steps 

1. Speak to your pediatrician about your child’s care needs, potential concerns, and a therapy referral. Call Child Inspired directly with inquires and  Our Care Coordinator will help you navigate the process of connecting with  the appropriate provider and learn what insurance and/or private pay options  are available. Child Inspired currently offers options through BCBS Highmark  and Medicaid Health Options. 

2. Schedule an evaluation so that our therapy provider can learn about your  child’s unique skill set, level of function, and help identify potential therapy needs.  

3. Together with your family, Child Inspired will create and implement a  family-centered, in-home care plan, based upon your child’s needs. Our team  takes the comprehensive needs of your family into consideration with flexible  scheduling in the comfort of your child’s home environment. 

The Backstory of Child Inspired:

Every journey has a unique start. This was ours…

During the Winter of 2014, Christina’s active, smiley 5 year old son Andrew became ill with a childhood virus. His illness quickly and unexpectedly worsened, and led to life-threatening respiratory failure that required an emergency medivac flight from their local hospital to Nemours A.I. Dupont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Delaware. Upon further testing at Nemours, Christina’s family learned that Andrew had developed pneumonia in both lungs and H1N1 flu. He required advanced life support for several days until his medical condition could be stabilized.

Drawing on her experience as an Occupational Therapist working with children and adults with disabilities, and her intense desire to communicate to Andrew that he was improving and would get home, Christina called a close friend and asked her to make Andrew a “visual road map”. It helped to engage Andrew with his medical team in child- and family-centered communication regarding his progress.

Andrew’s visual road map eventually led to the establishment of a non-profit organization, Get Well Map Foundation, and since then Child Inspired Therapy has been providing pediatric therapy services to children and families in and around Southern Delaware. CHILD INSPIRED, therefore, was literally inspired by a child. Inspired by the deeply personal experience of Andrew’s hospitalization, and the desire to ease the anxiety and overwhelm often experienced by other children and families during medical and life challenges.

Based in Milton, DE our team of clinicians are here to serve your family’s needs locally and beyond via home-based, outpatient therapy, telehealth services, and community wellness and family education workshops.

Child Inspired today:

Child Inspired’s focus is on empowering kids, parents, and families in the  Southern Delaware community, by providing individualized, family-centered therapeutic support tailored to each child and family’s needs- including  Speech/Feeding, Occupational, and Behavioral Therapies.  

We support children with developmental delays, fine/gross motor  coordination skills, play skills, emotional regulation, feeding and  communication skills, psychological needs, and sensory processing  differences.  

We help with daily living skills, educational needs, building relationships, and  making healthy, positive connections with others. 

Child Inspired provides professional and childcare workshops, as well as family  education opportunities.

Learn more about Child Inspired by visiting their website:

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