Dr. Alexandra Cox PA-C is the head of the one-of-a-kind Postpartum Wellness program at Atracare Health in Southern Delaware. The Postpartum Wellness program is geared towards helping new mothers (and fathers) navigate their physical health and mental wellbeing after having their baby. Going through sleep deprivation is one of the many challenges new parents face as they grow their family, but there are ways to manage it – and it doesn’t last forever!

Managing Sleep Deprivation as a Parent

As a new parent, it can be hard to get a full, restful night of sleep when you have to get up during the night to feed the baby or pump breast milk. Sleep deprivation can affect your mental and emotional health, and managing it is important for you and your baby. At Atracare Health, we are here to help you with sleep deprivation and your other postpartum care needs.

One of the best things you can do to manage sleep deprivation is to get enough exercise. Getting physically active can help regulate your body’s circadian rhythm and make it easier to fall asleep at night. Staying hydrated with water and limiting caffeine is another great way to stay energized throughout the day. Your diet also plays an important role. Be sure to eat a healthy diet that can properly nourish your body and provide you with the energy you need. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation is a normal part of life postpartum, at least until your child starts sleeping through the night. It’s important to remind yourself that it’s only temporary. 

Atracare Health Offers Postpartum Wellness Care

Dr. Dr. Alexandra Cox, DHSc, PA-C is the director of the Postpartum Wellness Program at Atracare Health. This program aims to help mothers stay happy and healthy after giving birth. Whether you need help navigating the challenges of motherhood, advice for fitness, or screening for postpartum depression, the team at Atracare Health is here for you every step of the way. 

Book Your Postpartum Wellness Appointment at Atracare Health

New mothers can get the advice and care they need to navigate sleep deprivation as a new parent. We are your premier partner in health, and we proudly serve families in the Lewes area. Parenthood can cause a lot of questions and challenges to arise, but we are here for you with the postpartum care you need to stay happy and healthy. The best way to schedule an appointment is by texting the number on our website


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